Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sometimes life is HARD...

but you get through it with the help of your friends and your loved ones....thank goodness for them. It's been a rough couple of weeks but I'm hoping to get on the upswing of my emotions soon. Sometimes you just can't have what you want. But somehow, knowing that what i want is out there but I just can't have it, makes it somewhat harder to deal with. Perhaps one day...you just never know what life is going to serve you. And my plate is so full right now that I need to take some time to be grateful for what I have. And to be grateful for the time I have been given to enjoy the love and happiness I've experienced. 32443

I think I'll just throw myself into some serious artwork. That always makes me feel better. Like the famous quote says, Art is the easiest way to escape, without leaving home.

Here are a few layouts I completed recently for Hambly and Dream Street using my new line, Story of a Seed.

Sarah has been growing up by leaps and bounds lately! She's talking so much now that it just shocks me and brings tears to my eyes at the same time. And some of the things she comes out with just CRACK ME UP!! When I asked her where her chupa was this morning, she shrugged her shoulders and said "I don't know mommy..maybe over there...maybe over here...i don't know" I nearly died laughing....she had the perfect diva attitude to boot, lol. And now she sings the whole Itsy Bitsy Spider song complete with hand gestures...but only when SHE feels like it. I wonder where she gets that from???? ;)


ruthimus said...

I hope things are ok girl. I'm here on MSN 24/7 for your chatting pleasure. Love the layouts. DId you do HOF this year??

Amy Teets said...

Ummm...is that you dressed up Disney girl!!
Oh and the pretzels! YUM!

scrapcat said...

oh my what wonderful layouts!
the first one made me chuckle!

definitely be back to visit you :)

milkcan said...

Great pages!

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