Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sarah Update :)

I haven't done one of these in a while! Here are all the things Sarah is doing and saying this month :)

Stuff she does:
Plays dress up with her ballerina skirt and at least five bead necklaces at a time. Not to mention either a pirate hat or her favorite baseball cap.
Spins around like a ballerina on demand, lol.
Sings the whole "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" verse. Including hand movements when "mama calls the doctor" and when she says "no more monkeys jumping on the bed"!
Climbs up and down the stairs on her own (although we TRY not to let her do it...she's a fast little bugger)
Loves her bubble baths and "swimming".
Can spell her name out loud!
Knows a few letters - M is for Mommy, R is for Rhett, S is for Sarah, G is for Grandmom, I is for Icecream, T is for Tub
Loves to swing outside on the big kid swing.
Would eat fruit all day long.
Dances and sings to her favorite kid show songs - little einstiens, backyardigans...
Reads her phonics books back to me! She doesn't get all the words but she gets the main one that repeats and then says "the end!"

New Stuff she says:
Oh My GOODness!
Beep Ready! - for the microwave
It's hot - i blow on it!
Be careful, look for cars!
Sleep in mommy's bed, no sarah's bed
let me see it
Awwwwww, look how cute!
hmmm, maybe deesh one
Where'd it go?
Make pee pees - when she needs to go to the potty
no deesh (this) one - when she doesn't want something
Mommy, want some (to which you must answer yes - becuase she'll give it to you anyway, lol)


lisa garay said... i fell an amazing-alexis-layout coming on?

love those things she cute!!!

have a great rest of your week!

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