Thursday, July 24, 2008

I shall wash, but I shan't be clean...

Meredith tagged me, so here it goes:

what were you doing ten years ago?

I was 21 years old.
Totally obsessed with working out and lifting weights.
Dating a body builder and spending all my free time either on the phone with him or at his parents' house in the basement ;)
Studying to be an elementary school teacher.
Enjoying my new found "legal status" and doing some bar hopping.

today's "to do" list?

Continue to unpack my scraproom and sarah's room
Sweep the first and second floor
Find sarah's school registration info

i'm addicted to:

Rocky Road trail mix
Diet Orange Soda
Shopping for new housewares
Twilight Series and anything Stephanie Meyer related

i would do if i were a millionaire:

Take my daughter and mother to Paris again.
Pay off all my parents' bills
Pay off our house and redecorate all the rooms with everything and anything I want
Take sarah around the world
Buy a condo in Bermuda to visit every couple of months
Hire a maid

i've lived:

Queens, NY
Atlanta, GA
Long Island, NY

Totally fun Mer, thanks ;)


Amy said...

List blogs are both fun to write and fun to read. Great topics as well! I wanted to ask about the picture. You have what looks like a couple paintings on the windowsill of the girl with black hair. I was wondering who did those? They are awesome! BTW the windowsill 'arrangement' looks awesome! Lots of colors, which is very good. ~Amy~ P.S. It's kinda funny to look back and tally what you were doing years ago, huh? Without a care or a clue. Great times.

Cindy said...

I second Amy's question - I'm totally curious about those paintings because they are too cute. I want one!

metrochic said...

that image makes me crazy happy!

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