Tuesday, July 5, 2005

All About ME

So this is me...The good stuff:

I love my family, they're really fantastic.
My hubbie and I created the absolute most beatuiful daughter I have ever seen. She is my reason for living.
I'm damn smart (although sometimes I think ignorance is bliss).
I'm way crafty and love my scrapbooking style...totally like my personality.
I have a wacked out personality that can range from moody to freaky funny.
I taught third grade and my students really learned some great life lessons.
I'm a stay at home mom who hates soap operas.
I'm obsessed with M&M's.
My favorite color is blue. I hate pink...but now that I have my daughter, I wear it all the time.
I have thick hair that looks hot, that is when I have a moment to shower and actually do it.
I'm short and everyone always thinks I'm younger than I am!

And now, the Bad Stuff:

I have IBS
I live in pain
I have TMJ
I have MVP
I have GAD
I have pain
ful cysts on my ovaries.
My meds make me fat.
I have a killer attitude.
I love to yell.
I love to throw things....at walls only.
I can't cook.

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