Saturday, August 6, 2005

New Junkitz and New Sewing Machine!!

So I thought I was sewing machine challenged but appartently it's in my blood! Both grandmothers were seamstresses, which must explain why I love this machine SO MUCH. I created the layout above the first night I got the machine and I just sent it out on a bunch of scrap mag calls. It is my favorite layout I have done so far. It screams MY STYLE, which sometimes doesn't show through as much as I would like it to. I'm now off to make a purse...wishin my self luck on this venture!


Virginia said...

Oh my word- that layout is gorgeous! I hope it gets picked up by a mag- it surely deserves it! :) I just got a new sewing machine too- it's so fun, isn't it? Post a pic if you accomplish the purse project! :)

sweet_grenadine said...

You know Ali that layout is absolutely stunning girl! I really hope it gets picked up, it belongs in a scrapbooking magazine! You so deserve it too, great stitching!