Tuesday, August 23, 2005


One for an idea book being published by Carson Dellose (three layouts) and one from Paperkuts. Unfortunately, I couldn't take the Paperkuts one since the idea book already picked up the same layout...bummer but I'm happy two editors wanted it! YAHOOO!! This is really fun!!

This is a layout I just did about dd turning eight months old. Time is flying by so fast...it makes me want to hold on to her and never let go. She is still my little baby but I can already feel her pulling away into her own individuality. If only I could keep her as a baby for a little longer...but I am loving this "playing" stage a lot as well!


chris said...

congratulations! love this LO and the stitching and the overlapping of the flowers from the design here and there - and you have a beautiful little girl!

Liz said...

congrats!!! 2 toots for the same lo....it is beautiful!

Court said...

COngrats on the toots and
it was so fun chatting with you about all things swirls last night. Love your blog! Maybe you could give me some tips on putting a cute photo/thingy in my heading!

Anonymous said...

wow! what a cutie!! Great LO