Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I have a BLOG? Since when?????

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while...but all for VERY good reasons. I am now on a Design Team....DREAM COME TRUE!! I can cross one more goal for the year off my list! YAHOOO! The experience at The Scrapbook Stand is even better than I could have ever imagined. Good thing I didn't know how great it would be before I started...I probably would have worried myself into a nut house during those few days of waiting for the calls to go out, lol.

I've also been SUPER busy with work....7 new clients last week and 7 new this week. The "boss" wants me to take over more of the work...nice compliment...but for the money he wants to give me, I just don't think it is worth my time right now. I honestly think I worth more than the offer. It's just that I have that stigma of SAHM so people think they can pay you less since you don't actually leave the house. Well, I'll tell you, even though I may not be showered as a work (or have even gotten out of my jammies all day) it DOES NOT mean that I can't do kick ass work. And I figure he must know that since he wants me to take over a lot more work...but he just doesn't want to compensate me for it...oh well.

I actually went out to dinner with the family a few nights ago. It was a blast to be out and with family. Although I am DEARLY paying for it these past few days and will probably be for a little while longer, it was worth it to see my dh and family smiling and so happy to be out together. I wish for those days to return again on a regular basis soon.

Sarah is a MOBILE MANIAC!! She went from barely crawling backwards to speeding around the basement at light speed. If her independent attitude was showing before, well now it is FULL BLAST! You can't hold this child back....she knows what she likes, when she likes it and for how long. Boy, I wonder where she gets it from??

The pic is of my and our dog, Nugget. It seems like it is time to get rid of him. I hate to do it, but with dd running around and this dog BARKING all the time, we just can't do it. PLUS, he INSISTS on pooping in the fault I know...and with dd crawling now, I can't have her crawling through dookie, can I? I think not....not even if I clean that floor every five minutes....So this is probably the last pic I'll have with him before we find him a new you Nugget! I'm so sorry....


{Amanda} said...

LOVE that picture Alexis!!!

Anonymous said...

Great picture of you and Nugget. We are so glad that you had a wonderful time with the family. I just wish it would be more frequent. You are doing a wonderful job with everything on your plate.