Saturday, October 8, 2005

I suck today

I really do....for many reasons. I hate days like this. And they always seem to come with the rain. Since the forecast says the rain should be here for a few more days, I'm sure this mood will stick around as well.

Nugget is officially gone to a better home with a family who can give him the attention he needs. Dh said he seemed really happy to be there with the other dog they have. And the husband takes the dogs to the park everynight...which is about 1000 times more frequent than we've ever taken Nugget. So in a way I am sad that my little "d" is gone, but I know it is for the best...for all of us. I miss you my first baby...I'm so sorry you had to go.

My long lost friend, one of my best, emailed me today after five long months of not talking. It literally brought tears to my eyes. She is such an inspiration to me. One of her daughter's is autistic and is now going through some more medical problems...but she is still strong and a beautiful person inside and out. I'm so happy that we have reconnected. She gives me the inspiration to push forward through all the issues I face everyday. And her humor through it all is KICK ASS. I've never laughed so hard and so true with someone! Can't wait for us to get together...

I plan on doing some scrapping tonight. I'm running two ad challenges at the two sites I dt for....which means I have to actually DO them..LOL! I only have one left to do...and my sketch is one I think I'll really like.

I'm starting to swing more toward the "scrapping for ME" than scrapping to get pubbed recently. It stresses me out too much to think about being picked up, and I think my style suffers for it. So from now on, it's just for me, my family, and my dt's. If I happen to get picked up, so be it. But it doesn't define me. There are way too many talented scrappers out there for me to believe that I might actually be a "household" name someday. I have a little following of people who like what I do...and that means the world.

Alright, enough gabbing...need to scrap...I mean clean....NO, who am i kidding...I meant scrap.


chris said...

I am sorry you are feeling blah - weather has a way of doing that

so glad that you had the opportunity to reconnect with your friend and so sorry you had to give up your dog!

Deanna Kroll said...

I am happy to hear that you and your friend have reconnected, it's always such a great feeling isn't it? As far as the pub thing and "if you get picked up" that is how I am beginning to feel, I submit and if they like my work, then they'll pick it up, if not, oh well, no loss to me. I have to remember why it is that I started to scrap - and that is to preserve my families memories.

Sarah said...

Haha on the cleaning bit! Hope you have fun scrapping and pick up a bit. The blah's suck.