Sunday, March 4, 2007

Fabulous Weekend

Temps soared on Saturday so we spent the day outside playing with bubbles, washing the car and chatting with neighbors. It was so refreshing to be outdoors again after being in for so long. The best part was watching Sarah actually talk to the kids on teh block and PLAY with them. Last summer she just watched and played on her own since she was a bit too young to actually participate. I can't wait to see what this summer holds for her! She's been practicing her bike riding in the basement (totally Trey's idea) but still can't manage to figure out that she needs to "push" the petals to make them move. Which would concern me if I hadn't witnessed two of the most amazing things Sarah has done to date just the other night. . .

We went out to our favorite sushi restaurant Saturday night. Sarah has outgrown the use of the high chair and now proudly sits in a booster seat...that is, when she doesn't "need" to be in my lap. We ordered our traditional large hot sake to start off the meal. When the drinks came, they accidentally brought us an extra little sake cup. So Trey just put it to the side. We filled our sake cups, toasted, and drank. Almost immediately, Sarah was up and jumping across the table to get to the empty cup Trey had just put aside. She started waving the cup in the air and yelling "Cheers" was hilarious! We ended up filling her cup with orange juice. And wouldn't you know, this little one made her own (nonsensical) toast, cheered, and drank all without spilling a single drop! I'm telling you, this child makes life worth living! I can't tell you how many waiters did double takes and even stopped to inquire as to WHY we were giving our daughter sake. Thanks, but we're not THAT dumb :P

Then to top off our night, Sarah decided to prove us wrong when we told the waitress that Sarah couldn't use the chopsticks she brought her. Well, my little 2 year old picked those babies up, put them around her chicken, said "SQUEEZE", picked UP THE CHICKEN and placed it neatly in her mouth. MY mouth was on the FLOOR. And she continued to eat the rest of her meal in the exact same manner. She never ceases to amaze (or entertain) me! Kinda scares me tho..what in the WORLD could she have in store for us next. Hmmm, maybe she's got a hidden talent for doing laudry.......

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