Thursday, March 8, 2007

A new obsession is brewing...

I"ve always been a collector. I blame it all my father. When I was a little girl my father fixed vending machines around NYC. He would come home each night with a little present for me. Unbeknownst to him, he was starting me on a habit that would last a lifetime. After a couple of months, he began bringing me home a little Smurf figurine (remember them!!) that I would place on the stairs in the foyer. I looked forward to those little Smurfs every single day. I counted them, played with them, lined them all up on the stairs and made them thier own little box. Eventually, the figurines stopped coming as I had collected them all, but I still cherished them like gold for years to come.

When I was about 6 - 10 years old, I collected Cabbage Patch Kids. I even remember when you couldn't get them in the stores because they were so popular. My mother would have this "friend" come over the house, park in our driveway and then open her trunk...a trunk filled with Cabbage Patch contriband, lol! You can imagine my excitement over getting them all stealth like that!

Then I moved on to collecting albums upon albums of stickers, ty beanie babies and Barbie dolls. As I got into my twenties, my taste got a little more expensive, much to my boyfriends' chagrin. I collected vintage tea cups and Limoges (which I still collect and display all around my house- my favorites are the ones I got with my mother in Paris). But once Sarah was born, I pretty much stopped collecting things, unless you count baby clothes, lol.

I thought the urge to collect had subsided for good. But just recently, I started to feel the "urge" to COLLECT once again. And this time, it came totally out of the blue. I would never have expected to be obsessed with a tiny toy at nearly 30 years old. But, alas, I AM!!! I am loving the Littlest Pet Shop animals! So much so that I'll oogle them in the toy store as Sarah plays with the toys. They make me smile...pure innocent happiness. I've restrained myself from buying every one I see. But I have taken my daughter's and put them high on the fridge (yes, they are magnetized too!) so she can't see them or, heaven forbid, touch them. Oh yes, I'm definately obsessed!! Is there a LPS 9-step program? If so, I need it now before this gets any worse. At least they're under 5 bucks a pop....i won't go bankrupt. But there are hundreds of them out there....oh someone hide my wallet ;)

I had a great lunch today at the diner with Sarah. It was one of those lunches that not only fills your stomach but your heart as well. My whole self feels recharged. Just sitting in a booth and looking into the eyes of someone you love can make all the difference in the world. I feel like I can go out and conquer anything right now :)

New Favorite Winter Occurence: Shocks: You know, the ones you get after dragging your feet on a carpet. But during the winter they are just so much more prevelant. My daughter and my mother get them all the time when they hug hello. I haven't gotten one yet this year. But I did today...and it was the most wonderful reminder of how much I love winter :)


{Lara} said...

As a child I've collected erasers, stickers, writing paper! And now that I'm big it's scrapbooking supplies!

Amy Hummel said...

I've never been a big collector. My sister did the Beanie Baby thing. I kind of collect stuffed giraffes. I don't have too many... as they aren't that common...

Lisa G said...

LOL, I'm a collector too. I was just going through Abbey's Littlest Pets the other day, trying to organize her room :)

Tracy said...

I was a huge sticker collector as a girl. Dummy me threw them all away when I was in my 20's.

The Harwick Family said...

OMG! We have EVERY single Pet Shop ever made! It is my daughter's favorite thing to play with. I am NOT a collector myself, but my DD obviously is obsessive!


Tracey Odachowski said...

Wait, you actually LIKE those shocks? I HATE them!!!!! But, at least I know what to get you for your birthday! LOL

Giuli said...

I understand you!!! My daugher has stardet to collect these Little Pets Shop too...they are so cute!
Your blog is SUPER
Giuli in Italy

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