Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We've Launched our New Dream Street BLOG!!

It's finally here! We've wanted to create a Dream Street blog for so long and we finally just went for it. It was launched yesterday and today we announced our April Guest DreamGirl. She has some amazing mulitphoto layouts and I love her cute cards as well. Check it all out here http://dreamstreetpapers.blogspot.com/

We had an amazing Easter Sunday with the family. One of those days when you find yourself saying "wow, this is really wonderful" and you find yourself massaging your cheek muscles after a full day of effortless smiling :) It was the first easter where Sarah was actually able to fully participate. She sat at the table like a "leetle gawl" and hunted for eggs as only a true sugar lover could. Her favorite line of the day - "OH MY GOODNESS!" She melted our hearts every time she said it.

Dinner was, dare I say, cooked to perfection! And that is pretty darn remarkable since I rarely cook on such a large scale. Trey kept laughing at me and calling me "Sally homemaker" while I ran around cooking, serving, setting up activities and photographing everything. I guess it was a pretty funny sight coming from me. I just hope he doesn't expect to meet Sally again any time soon!

I took a ton of photos and actually got some decent headshots of myself for a change. I was in dire need of a new picture of myself...one that I actually didn't mind looking at from time to time, lol.


Vee said...

congrats on the new blog!!
your dinner souds yummy! :)

Tracy said...

precious pic of Sarah toddling around with her bunny. : )

lisa garay said...

your sarah gets cuter by the minute!

congrats on the new ds blog!

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