Sunday, January 20, 2008

Italian Food and Red Wine.....

There is no better combination than some good Italian food and a glass (or two) of red wine. I've been so swamped with stuff to do lately that I decided to take this weekend off (well at least one day off) to just shop, talk, and eat. On the shopping front, I got some awesome necklaces and hair fobs ;) and some frames for my etsy prints. Then some chicken franchese (how does one spell that?) and about 3 rolls of homemade bread (carbs are my best friend...and they love my hips too :P)

Please don't mind the photo of me. I've been playing around with CS2 a lot lately, but the photo processing I'm into right now just doesn't work well with pics of a three year old. So you'll have to deal with me...sorry about that! I'm loving the pale/harsh contrast look right now. Once CHA is over I'm going to get myself a good book on photo editing in CS2 and go to town.

I'm seriously considering a new tattoo. I wanted it on my wrist, but the design is too intricate to go in such small space. Since it's a tribute to my abuelita, I don't want it in the pelvic region, if you get my drift. Any ideas of a better place to put it? I was thinking the shoulder....hmmmmmm


Linda said...

Alexis, I love your new "DO" it looks great on you, makes ya look younger :) I think your new tat would look cool on the shoulder. I'm very excited about the new realease, can't wait to see it IRL. Take care............OH, lovin your LT LO's.

Amy Teets said...

Have you check out Kubota actions?

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