Friday, March 21, 2008

Seen and Heard...

Seen: Sarah playing with her wireless Leapfrog computer.
Heard: Mommy, the computer isn't recognizing the mouse! (She's THREE!!!)

Seen: Sarah looking at her Sesame Street puzzle.
Sarah: Look at the bugs in the car! They're going to school.
Mommy: Do they like school?
Sarah: Not exactly, they want to go see their Mommy and Daddy and Dixie and Sushi and Pop pop and ........

Seen: Sarah pushes in from of Mommy's computer and puts on her angry face.
Heard: Please, give me a minute! I have to work! I'm going to Robot City. (huh??)

Seen: Leaving for school in the morning.
Heard: Mommy, make sure you have the Ipod. I love the Ipod.

Seen: Sarah running around and Dixie playfully nipping at her pants.
Heard: Mommy!! Dixie's eating me! I"m not a dog toy!

Seen: Sarah dancing in the living room.
Heard: Wake me up before you go go, don't leave me...mumble....wake me up, before you go go, take me dancing tomorrow (Her version of the Wham song, lol)

I can't believe how fast she is growing up! She leaves me in stitches half of the day. Especially when she has her little "sassy pants" face on. She tries to be so adult. For some reason, she thinks being older means having a scrunched up face. Not sure what that's about, lol.

So, you know how much I love Label Tulip. Well, their server crashed for a couple days which was hell on us chatty girls. So to make up for it, Cindee and Cathy are giving away a FREE April Label Tulip kit! All you have to do is give them three creative kit names and post them on this thread. All the details are in the original post so get over there and submit your entry asap! They are picking winners on the 1st :) Good luck everyone....these kits ROCK!!

Here's a layout done with Amy Teet's new Digital Kit at A Cherry On Top. It's got to be my favorite of hers to date. A definite 'do not miss' kit!


Heather said...

Are they clever little buggers?? My son is almost 2 and is just a riot.

Lisa said...

aw, so darling.. and they do say the funniest things :) Your Sarah is adorable!


LOL, I love the stories..too sweet! BTW your layouts are stunning!

Amy Teets said...

Ahhh...look at you pimpin' me out!
Sarah is WAY too cute!!

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