Friday, May 9, 2008

That ain't no etch-a-sketch. This is one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet.

I'm still alive....technically. This house selling business is harder than I thought! We've been living in utter cleanliness, which is not out of the norm, but making sure that all of Sarah's toys are put away as soon as she finishes playing with them is not always easy. Plus the constant turning on and off of the lights and fake candles, vacuuming and swiffering, dusting and windexing, and having to be home for every real estate agent who wants to show the house is definitely tiring. But it's all very VERY worth it. I love the new house we found and I"m knocking on wood that it all goes through smoothly :)

And of course I'm starting to feel like I'm going to miss my house soooo much! This is really our first home and I actually don't want to give it away :( Especially since it's finally just the way we want it. But it's going to be a better life in the new home with amazing opportunities for Sarah that are just unparalleled anywhere else. Plus, who can say no to central air conditioning and four bedrooms! I get to have my own craft room now! YAY!!

I've been hitting the digi scrapping hard lately since my scrap area has to remain very organized, lol. But the Label Tulip kit is on it's way so I'll have to morph into a very neat scrapper overnight. We'll see how that goes :P

Sarah is coming out of her shell with the kids on the block this month. She actually yells for them across the street and runs to play with them. It's great to watch her blossom. But she's still the shy little girl who likes to play with her mommy and grandmom most of the time :) And to tell the truth, I'm enjoying every minute of it!

I was lucky enough to have two mini albums in Scrapbook Trends latest MiniAlbum idea book! I love they way they came out. They photograph our artwork so well. It feels like such an honor to be a part of their publications. It's not about advertisements and wasted space with them. They feature the artwork as a focus and I love them for it! The funny thing is that with my complimentary copies came a box of goodies. And in that box of great scrap goodies came MY OWN PAPERS! My Story of a Seed line with Dream Street! It was so much fun to have that little surprise and to know that everyone who was published in that book got my papers as well. I hope they have fun with them!


dannigirl said...

yeah, glad to see that you are back.
omg keeping the house super clean sounds way to tiring.especially having to keep your sb area clean.ugh, i don't know if i could do
lovin the digi los too.

jacQ said...

good luck with the house!:) We're just about to do that too... i'm totally not looking forward having to always be around when the people are viewing... such a wierd feeling! p.s. love your LT layouts!! As always :)

scrapcat said...

loving all these pages! wow!
you are soooo good (paper and digi)!

and too funny that you got your own papers in ST goodie box!!! btw, i'd be happy to take them off your hands ;) Congrats on the pub!

Morgan said...

love, love, love Juno!!! The layouts are great, so fun! I can't imagine having a spotless house with a kiddo :o hopefully it all goes smoothly and you can enjoy the new space!!

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