Friday, June 6, 2008

We're mooooooooving........

It's official. We are moving! We're in contract with the new house and our house is in contract as well!! WOO HOOO!!!! It looks like we'll be in in about a month. Hence the tiny blog break....I've been attempting to pack the enormous amount of stuff we've hoarded over the last six years. YIKES. Anyone need about 30 mismatched coffee mugs? I mean seriously? How does one even amass THIRY mugs? I couldn't bring myself to wrap them in bubble wrap so I think they are just going to get chucked :P

Today was a day from h-e-double-hockey-sticks. (always wanted to say that) Between rude health insurance people, Sarah coloring her entire right arm and fingers in blue marker, stepping in poop, chasing the dog down the block, cleaning flicked chicken and applesauce off the wall (ah the joys of a 3 year old), and finding out that two dear friends have to have surgery, I"m just about ready to grab my keys and head to a movie (even if it is by myself, lol).

The Label Tulip kit is on it's way to me so I'm very excited to actually scrap again this month. It's been so hard with all the house showing, but finally those days are done!

Plus I have a TOOOOOT!!! I was invited to join the brand new Crate Paper Design Team!!! It's always been my experience that the design teams I have been asked to join (instead of my submitting and trying out) have been the most enjoyable. I really can't wait to get all the new paper for summer CHA and to meet them all in Chicago.

I finally bought my tickets to Chicago. I seriously can NOT believe it's in a little over a month...YIKES!! I'm hoping my new release will do well. The colors are bright and fun and it was blast to create. Keeping my fingers crossed!!


Morgan said...

Congrats on the houses! We may follow in your footsteps, I'm ready to move. Such a cute picture of the kiddo, she's gorgeous! I can't make it to CHA, our summer vacation overlaps that weekend but I can't wait to see your new release. I'm still loving the last one!

Scrappermania said...

La foto esta bellisima, tu hija siempre luce maravillosa!

Leena said...

Congrats in you moving to a new house!! Can't wait to see the pictures of your new place!

And a HUGE congrats for making into Crate's DT!! You seriously deserved this invitation 'cos you're super talented Alexis!

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