Monday, July 14, 2008

yes, I wiped the concrete off my feet...

(ETA:Blog giveaway is in the second post below "I can't brain today, I have the dumb")

We're getting down to the wire. I'm desperately stalking the UPS guy for some Crate Paper goodies and hopefully even some Hambly yumminess tomorrow. (eeeeek!) My Dream Street projects are done - i think. 3 layouts, 2 cards, one little altered box, a treat bag, and a door hanger. All really small things but I just didn't want to pack the suitcase like I have in the past. Especially with the airlines charging for baggage now. Can I puke over that or what! Someone somewhere needs to do something about this gas crisis. And fast. I own an SUV for heaven's sake! And spending over $100 a month on gas is just not in my budget :P I've been forced to become a homebody lately. Thank goodness for internet shopping ;)

Sarah has really been HILARIOUS lately. There's no way to put the details on this blog and make it seem as funny as it really is, but I'll try anyway.
-While putting her down to sleep a couple nights ago, Sarah offered me her thumb to suck. And when I wouldn't take it, she kept saying "aw, come on" in this hilarious voice. We laughed forever over it.
-She has a new saying when she messes something up "Ahhh pipple juice" Not a clue what it means but it works!
- She has the uncanny ability of mimicking Mary Murphy from So you think you can Dance. It's insane. She screams and repeats what she says and sounds JUST LIKE HER. But she won't do it for anyone else but me so you'll have to take my word for it.
- If we're at a store and I won't buy her everything she wants, her inner drama queen surfaces and she starts shrugging her shoulders, scrunching her face, lifter her arms and saying "You can't do this to me mommy, you just CAN"T!" Gotta luv it...
-She's obsessed with horses and guitars. She puts on her mean face when she plays the guitar tho....she gets serious when she rocks out :P

In other Sarah updates, she knows all her letter sounds and can figure out how to spell a word based on the way it sounds! She spelled PIG the other day. I'm one proud momma :)

There will be a Label Tulip chat tonight at 6:30 PST so stop by and chat with us!!


Tracy said...

Your daughter is at such a FUN age! My middle daughter always made (and still does) the funniest facial expressions and was known for saying the darndest things. I kept a list on the fridge that I added to all the time. And of course, I scrapbooked it! I hear ya about the gas thing. O U C H. My dh has a 1/2 communte and goes thru about $70 bucks in gas every week. Me and my ultracool minivan about $50 (sob).

Zarah said...

What a cute post! Totally made me smile! :D

Love that door knob hanger too - too cute! :D

I AM A Scrapaholic said...

Lovin' this line. It is one of my favorites of the CHA Summer 08 sneak peeks so far! I love the different themes I could do with it -and it would make a great zoo LOs or mini album! This is a gotta have in my book!


Your baby is so beautifulll, a little kiss for her!!! I love your hang door!!!!!!! os super fab!!!!

Mariona said...

So beautiful!!!

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