Sunday, August 10, 2008

Check out the action on the side bar!!

Thanks Tracey.....ya know I luv ya more than my luggage :) Check out the Twilight widget on the sidebar over to the left. You can click on it, it keeps you on this blog (instead of sending you hurling through cyberspace) and you can watch previews of the movie and schtuff. Thanks for hooking a girl up, chica ;)

And thank you to all of you who put some positive prayers/energy out there for my friend. Unfortunately, the surgery was canceled due to a possible defect with his heart that would require surgery to correct before the brain surgery. You just never know....I'll update when I know more....

I'm in the middle of a scrap a thon with the AWESOME Label Tulip kit. And i do mean awesome. Yes, I"m on the dt. Yes, I get the kit for free, but dayum people. I would buy this kit twice, it's so goooooood!! All new CHA goodies to boot. And lots of color. I'm in scrapper's heaven :) I'll post some sneak soon...promise!