Monday, August 4, 2008

Things i'm thinking (and at times, scaring my husband by screaming out loud)

Spoiler alert:
DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BREAKING DAWN YET!!! No details will be included but you might be able to figure it out anyway...

While reading Breaking Dawn (to be updated periodically)

I missed these characters so much!
My father would so want that car.
He's there....swoooooon. He had to come. That must be tearing both their hearts apart. It would mine.
Hey, yo, where are the details on that one....i need more details ;)
I have a strange urge for eggs :P
Oh heck, she's probably, nah
OH HECK, she is!
Ok, if he's that scared I'm not sure if I should feel happy or totally freaked out for her!


Adrienne said...

Ahhh isn't it wonderful!!! LOVE IT!

Lulu said...

LOL...I was so shocked, since I SWORE I read that SM said Vampires have no bodily fluids and thats why no babies... So I still don't get the "how" of things, but hey. :)

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