Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bite Into a Good Book

Ok, so as a teacher I know the importance of reading to your can you believe that I only read Sarah about two books a day!?! I know I should be reading to her more....especially when she picks up a book and begins to EAT the darn thing! Since she was a teeny tiny baby, she loved to look at the pages of picture books...she would even watch me turn the pages and stare at the images. Her favorite book was her Elmo book. We've now started reading only board books to her because of this lovely habit of EATING the books...really she's just teething...but it's so cute! We've kept one book that she can teethe on all the time and the others she can only teethe on when we read to her.

I just picked up a board book of Guess How Much I Love You and we're going to start reading it to her before bed every night. Now I just have to try not to tear up at the end...I'm such a sap!

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