Sunday, July 17, 2005

Got To Find A Reason Why My Money's All Gone

This post is obviously inspired by the lovely song of the week by Sublime. We visited Babies R Us this week and let me just say...OH MY HOLY HELL...just take my first born why don't you? We bought formula...ya know, the substance she survives on...enough to last a week or two...and it cost us over ONE FRIGGIN HUNDRED DOLLARS. YA! I'm so not rich anymore, if I ever was. My mom bought Sarah two amazing new toys that she can crawl around and one to help her walk for a whopping ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS as well...and that was WITH a 50% off coupon.

I'm thinking I need to have another kid now just to get my money's worth out of these friggin' items. But I guess all the fun hubbie and I have playing with the toys (even when she's sleeping) makes it all worth it!

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