Sunday, July 10, 2005

Major Life Event: We went out to dinner!

Holy Guacamole Mijo! We went out to dinner last night for sushi with Sarah in tow. We have not been out to dinner in at least a year....I actually felt like a normal person. AND this little momma drank mass quantities of SAKE, baby...oh yeah!! HELLO Drunken mess! LOVED IT>>>but not so much this morning....eeeekkk.

Anyway so I was having a great time last night and I'm drunk so all is great. Sarah is asleep and I'm still all dress up and cleaning up the kitchen...great way to enjoy a buzz, right? Ya...NO. So the whole time I'm thinking "Damn, I feel so wierd, like this whole place looks different or something" and I chalk it up to the Sake. I keep straightening up and I trip over a shoe...damn shoe I say...but then I realize it's my own and I can't get mad at myseld, so I pick up the shoe and throw it up the stairs....for me to trip on later. As I look down to pick up the shoe I realize why I've been feeling so strange tonight...I'm wearing heels....ya you heard me...heels...this momma was wearing heels. So I was seeing everything from about an inch or two higher than usual. Damn you tall people got a nice viewpoint...

NOw about this pic...hubbie took it the other night...this is our nightly routine. It's the best time of my day. Pure love. There's another version I it too.


Sally said...

ooh I love the edited version! Very cool graphic picture!

Random me said...

Congrats on making it out of the house. Love the pic! Your daughter is adorable!