Sunday, October 23, 2005

ThoughTs Challenge week of 10/18

What do I see beyond the glass and curtains of my windows. Right now I see the night sky, bordered by the deep purple leaves of the surrounding trees. Not a star can be seen on this rainy, cold night. My emotions are often dictated by the atmosphere, but tonight, they are not. Although the sky is dark bleak, I feel alive and inspired. It's been a tough couple of days, with no clear end in sight, but right now I am excited for things to come. I see the tiniest of lights from a plane far in the distance, and part of me longs to be on it...traveling to some distant land filled with mystery and good SHOPPING. But as it passes overhead, I return to my surroundings and realize just how much I love looking out this window....from the comfort of my own home.

1 comment:

Tracey Odachowski said...

FAbulous!!! You know, there's lots of mystery and shopping near me. ;)