Thursday, November 10, 2005

Could this day have been any better???

I am seriously typing as my eyes close.....but I just have to get this down! I started the day being able to sleep in until 9:30 {luv ya honey!}. I got up, headed downstairs and saw a package on the kitchen table...what was in it you ask? TONS OF HEIDI SWAPP STUFF from Shirley at The Scrapbook Stand! I dumped that box out and just gazed at it all. The dork in me was forced to photograph this momentous event...who knows when I'll have this much HS in my hands again! The goodies will be going into the Ad Challenge RAK's that I run over at These RAKS are going to ROK!!

Ok, so then I play with my beautiful daughter who totally learns to climb up the stairs today...and I mean ALL THE WAY up the lightening. Now I realize why motherhood is so this child can MOVE! We had a great day mom and bro stopped by to play with Sarah and hang out. I even got some great pic of the fall leaves in our backyard....just a lovely day.

Then I find out from my friendly "enabler", Tracey, about an AWESOME cruise opportunity....that I might just HAVE TO DO.....wink wink.

And to put the nightcap on this awesome day....I had a great chat with Shirley (the owner of TSS)...and she asked me to be a co-design team coordinator with Brandy!! OMG!!! I nearly jumped up and down and started giggling right there!! What an honor and a half. I'm still smiling....even as my eyes are shutting. It's 2:35am here and I almost don't want to go to bed so that this day won't end. But, alas, I must. Dh is out of the house all day tomorrow so no sleeping in for me....But who needs sleep when you are this happy?!?!


Sarah said...

I have images of you swimming in all that good HS stuff!

What a great day!
Congrats girl!!!!

Shirley said...

Cruise...did you say CRUISE????

Congrats on all the happy things in life! Well deserved!

Tracey Odachowski said...

Oh, yes, Shirley, she said cruise! :D I'm bad, aren't I??? But ya luv me!!!!