Thursday, February 15, 2007

About Little Ole ME??

Have you checked out the new hybrid mag, Scrapbook Dimensions, yet? It's an awesome mix of traditional and digi scrapping...something the scrapping world definately needed! They have thier premier issue out in pdf form.....and if you look on page 14, you'll see an entire article about the DREAM STREET GIRLS!!! I am so so so excited about the fact that the mag found us interesting enough to spotlight our designing process. And if you look closely at the cover, you'll see all of our little heads together, lol! Deanna Shain did such a great job with the whole article...kudos to her!

Our Valentine's Day plans were thwarted by the rain/ice/snow mix that hit New York last night. We did end up braving the weather to go to lunch at Grand Luxe....THE BEST FOOD EVER. The restaurant was empty so Sarah had a ball running around and making Play-do "meals" for all the plates on the vacant table. Yes, I'm sure the busboy hates us now. I had the most amazing Flautas, Macadamia Nut/Coconut Chicken, and Lemon Chicken Piccata. My stomach is SO HUGE right very attractive as well..eeek!! But it was so worth it. I'll have to get off my bootie this weekend and work out so I can get rid of this ever growing tire around my waist...lovely :P


Lisa G said...

Hey Alexis, congrats on the mag!!

milkcan said...

Congrats on the cover pic! Very cool!

Jen said...

Your dinner sounds amazing! My plans were thwarted, being in NY as well. But, we'll be celebrating this weekend. CONGRATS on the magazine :)

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