Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tagged....6 weird things about ME

Here goes nuttin':

1. I drink 2 liters of Diet Sunkist pretty much every day. If that diet sugar crap does cause cancer, I'll be the first to let you know. I try to drink it from a straw so my teeth don't rot before I'm thirty :P

2. I can't go to bed before 2 am....just can't....doesn't feel right. I'm a complete night owl. And crappy tv reruns are my guilty pleasure. I also think I need to be slightly bleery-eyed to actually scrap worth a darn.

3. I love blasting my Ipod and dancing all alone in my basement. It's not as much fun as dancing with someone else, but since I married a man who thinks the hip-thrust is a high form of dance, I'm kinda left dancing with a mirror as my partner.

4. I will NEVER clean the bathroom toilet. NEVER EVER. My daughter and I KNOW how to aim.......'nuff said.

5. I can talk on the phone for up to four hours a day..easily. Yet another reason why I am a night owl!

6. I simply must say "be careful" whenever some leaves my house. If I don't, I feel something might happen to them and I'll be to blame for not telling them to be cautious. I think it stems from my fear of anyone I love getting hurt in any way. I would protect them all in bubblewrap if I could!


Amy Teets said...

I can vouch for the 2am thing ;)

~Jamie said...

Wow! We are like peas and carrots! hahaha way too much of that applies to me!

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