Friday, March 16, 2007

Friends and a TOOT!

Here we are looking all sane at the start of our night out in nyc. This, of course, being way before the third bottle of Ruffino red wine (our favorite) was tapped, lol. Those pictures I am saving for future blackmail purposes ;) muwahahahahahahahaha

We're still talking about how much fun last weekend was. Hopefully we'll get another night out like that again in the next 6 months! The recovery time is just too much for this old lady. I AM almost 30 ya know :P
Is it weird to say that part of me would rather hang out with my daughter in her playroom after a delicious lunch of chicken fingers and blue cheese (a Sarah favorite) at the diner? I never thought I would say that but it is so true. It's amazing how much a child can change you for the better.

TOOT TOOT! I haven't tooted in so long so this opportunity has me flying high. I swear I've been wearing a perma-smile for the past two days, hehehehehe. I just learned that QVC UK is going to be featuring my Cafe Chic paper line (Dream Street Papers)!!!! I have to find out the schedule so I can watch it online. It's going to be BEYOND crazy to watch my papers being sold on live tv. This whole ride with Dream Street has been such a dream come true :) I think my whole family will be huddled around the computer watching with me. Too bad I don't know anyone in the UK or I would have them tape it for me. I would love to hear them talk about the line in their cool English accents. It's making me giddy just thinking about it.

I've been staring at a layout on my desk for the past two days. I like it but it just not coming together the way I want it too. So if you have any mojo to spare, send it my way...thanx :)


Robyn said...

Congrats on the toot! I wish we had dream street in our lss! Love your paper and color combos!

Vee said...

super congrats on your toot!!

ruthimus said...

Congrats on the dream street UK thing, you are the original cool girl, I'm so glad I got in before you got too cool;) I see you ordered some Girl scout cookies. I blame you for the ones currently on the way to my casa. Blast these fast rolls. If you can't beat em' eat em' That's what I always say.

Tracy said...

Hey! Congrats! Isn't that wild?

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