Saturday, March 3, 2007

It's the weekend...finally

This week seemed to take forever! I couldn't wait to get to the weekend and finally have a little "me" time. I absolutely ADORE taking care of dd all week, but by friday I've had my fill of the Grover dance, my nails are gross with multicolor Play-doh and I have a pile of stained laundry to tackle. Not to mention the fact that I can't begin to count the amount of times I've bent over and picked up little toys from every corner of my home. Having a day or two where I can get some help in those areas really recharges my batteries for another week in the life of a SAHM! Plus, it's wonderful to just enjoy Sarah and not have to worry about the meals, the cleaning, the bathing, yada yada yada....

No real plans for us this weekend. We'll probably go out for sushi tomorrow since I've been craving it for weeks. Even little Sarah loves it! (No I don't give her the raw stuff just yet!) And Sunday we have to register dd for SCHOOL!!!! Can you believe it's that time already. It just came way too fast.

Since her birthday misses the cutoff date by just two days, she has to enter into the 2year old class. Then she'll go to nursery school the following year, then pre-kindergarten and finally kindergarten. I was afraid that she would be the youngest person in the class, but thankfully she will now be the oldest. As a teacher, I always found it was harder for the younger children to keep up with the rest of the class. Whether it was due to the difference in development or maturity, it just seemed more difficult on them. Of course, there were always exceptions to the rule! But knowing that she'll be the oldest makes me feel much better. I just hope I won't be too much of a blubbering mess when it's time to send her.

I'm trying to tackle a layout about my Awi tonight. Since she passed away on New Year's Eve, I haven't been able to scrap about her. I want to make a minibook and document the last trip we had together. But it makes me way too sad to actually get through the process. So this first layout I am attempting is more on the 'fun' side. A happy memory with lots of color. Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow and post it.

This layout is all about my brother. He's always been a great friend to me. He's in Amsterdam right now probably having the time of his life. I dieing to sit down over a bowl of mac and cheese and hear all the crazy stories he's got to tell. Maybe he'll let me scrap some of the pics, lol!


elizabeth said...

great blog {found ya via hambly}!! i am diggin' this lo of your brother and am wondering what paper did you use to wear you cut around the detail like that???

simply fabulous!

{Scrap_A_Bee} said...

I so love the 7Gs stuffs on this layout!

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