Friday, April 20, 2007

More scrappin' fun!

This was the ScrapHype Kit club's April kit. Loved the Sass and I added in some Hambly robot rubs just because I love them so much!

Nothing much going on here today. It was a gorgeous day outside so we played with the neighborhood kids and took a few walks to check out sarah's favorite 'doggies'. I learned that I'm not all that great at pitching a ball to kids under four feet tall and my Miss Mary Mack skills could use a little brushing up. Sarah, the ever loving chatterbox that she is, seems to all but become mute when the other kiddos are around. But she prompty begins calling thier names and chatting it up with me the second they leave our property. Hopefully she'll grow out of this shyness soon. We had a little talk about it tonight and she said "ok mommy" to trying to talk to them more tomorrow. Who knows if she grasps the concept but I really do want her to feel comfortable enough to chat it up with them.

I can understand why she doesn't though. These kids are QUITE overwhelming, loud, and BUSY. She kind of gets lost in the chaos, but she has learned some great little things from watching them. She now asks to "take turns" and tells me when it is my turn - sometimes even allowing me to go first, lol. She also tried to climb up the slide backwards today after watching one of the girls do it. She beamed from ear to ear when she finally got up there.

I love when the weather is great like it was today. The weekend promises to be even better...I wonder what wonderful (or not so wonderful) little tidbits she'll pick up this weekend :)


melissa said...

wow this mini album is super cute!! love it :)

Vee said...

love this mini!!
awesome colors
im,steno coasters are my new favorites :)
have fun weekend outside. :)

Nikki said... this mini album Too cute.

Araxi said...

WOW This is awesome!

Tracy said...

Hey there girl! Cute, cute lil' album!

Tamara Nicole said...

Stopinh by too show some love, your book is so darn cute!

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