Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Could I Cry any MORE??

American Idol Gives Back made be cry for two full hours. The thought that women and children live in such extreme poverty around the world is unbearable to perceive. And to see that the New Orleans victims are still living in such squalor is horrific. We donated as much as we could and I hope many many others did as well. No one in the world should live like that. It's such a sad commentary on the world that we allow children to live and die like that.

Here's my new headshot. It was taken at Easter. I'm liking it since it's probably the last good one I'll have of me before turning 30...eeeeek. But the teenager down the block told me this weekend that she thought I was 23, so judging by the fact that teenagers are SOOO smart, wink wink, I'll take her word for it :P

And can anyone else believe that House has a BRITISH ACCENT!!! That just blew me out of my seat tonight! Who knew he was British?? He does an American accent perfectly. I think I love that show even more now.

I got some awesome scrap mail recently. An overflowing box of Hambly rubons, transparencies and paper...LOVE. And a goodie box filled with buttons, buttons and more buttons. Gotta luv those little discs of happiness! I have two layouts to photograph and put up asap. And I'm working on two mother's day albums for my mom and MIL.

Three of my paper lines with Dream Street were featured on my favorite pattern blog!! It was such an honor to see them up there:) Plus, I won an awesome prize from the ever awesome PageFrames site. I'll post a pic once the goodness gets here.


Lisa G said...

Look at you, Hottie Mama!!! Congrats too!!!

Vee said...

love love your new head shot!!
can't wait to see what you do with the new hambly!!
I got some of the new rubons the other day
:) :)

Amy Hummel said...

Ooh, I did know that HOUSE had a british accent, but forgot that I knew! LOL, one night I was watching BBC... it was LATE and I was up with a wide awake newborn... anyways, there was this old british movie on, and it had "house" on there playing a character, and it was flipping hilarious! I couldn't believe it!

Michelle said...

Your new headshot is just gorgeous!!! LOVE it!

Yup... take the words of the teenager.. they really know how old a 23 year old look! ;)

My friend told me yesterday that she kept thinking I was 25.. I'll take her word for it! :D

Cynthia said...

Congrats on your success! Very well deserved!

Tracy said...

Very pretty headshot, young lady! Turning 30 is no big thing...that's when you will be officially in the club and we can tell you all the REAL SECRETS of womanhood :P
Big congrats on the print and pattern blog - I check in with that blog all the time and was sooooooo psyched to see YOUR DESIGNS!

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