Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

It's a gorgeous 75 degrees here in NY. The kind of day that makes you want to basically live outside. The only bad part is, I have no clue what we should do! We did the Queens Zoo last weekend, went to the park this morning and have played outside all day. I guess that's enough entertainment for a 2-year old anyway. I hope the weather stays like this for as long as just feels good to be alive :)

Here are some shots I took at the Queens Zoo last weekend. Of course I took a million pics of the animals for Sarah, but these two are my favorites. There's something so serene about them. And to imagine there's a major highway within one mile of this place. That's NY for ya!

I've been scrappin up a storm lately. I think I've finally gotten my style down. But I know as soon as I publish this blog post, my style will change once again, lol. I call it Graphic with an Edge...whatever that means.


Vee said...

gorgeous photos of the zoo!!
I loved your pages at label tulip too:)

Tracy said...

love zoo trips! your pics are pretty. : )

Eminepala said...

LOL that happens all the time ;)

beautiful pictures


Peggy Severins said...

Great pictures. We're going to the zoo this weekend. Hope to take some nice ones as well.

Celia said...

Hey there stranger!!! :)

How you doing?

Oh and LOVE those shots!

Tina said...

i know what you mean about finding your style...I've come to realize the same just recently. good to hear that from another scrapper!

can't stop checking out your Tulip pages, really inspiring ;)

have a great weekend ;)

KSmith said...

I have a few pics like that how quiet and beautiful but within ears shot theirs lots and lots of traffic and noise. (new jersey girl here)

Peta said...

lol..Thats what usually happens..i Love zoo trips..Beautiful piccy's you took and a lovely blog you have

dar said...

Update your blog girl! Share some more fabulous artwork, you rock. I am inspired to scrap now!

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