Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas and a RAK!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

I've been de-stashing my enormous pile of scrap goodies this week. In the spirit of giving, I have a box of goodies to give away! There's a mix of some new stuff mixed with some great standards (think Basic Grey - that stuff never gets old!), a fun punch or two and even some great embellishments. Plus, there are my Dream Street papers in there as well!! It may not be all brand new stuff, but it's definately fun stuff :) I would totally keep it if I had the room, lol!

I'll check this post on New Year's Day and choose one winner to receive this packed priority mail box. Just leave me a comment telling me the best present you got this year. It could be something tangible, spiritual, family's up to you!


brainybairn said...

Merry Christmas!!! Love your blog!

TiteC said...

Have a very merry Christmas !
My best give ever this year... was my baby girl who was born on feb 5th !
She was expected for the 25th, but my doc decided we should meet her sooner ! (she was a HUGE baby, just as her brother was !)

So it was a very early christmas, but nothing I can get could be better than her birth, and the look in the eyes of my boy when he met his sister...

Merry Christmas again, wishing you all the best


angela said...

Hi!! I´m always here reading, but never commenting, LOL! Merry Christmas! My best present ins this year is the time that I now can spend with my little 4year old girl! I used to work all day long, now I got a part time job to stay with her all time that I can! kisses from Brazil!

Trace Geworsky said...

Happy holidays!!!!!
I find lots of great inspiration from your blog....Thanks for sharing it with us.
I have 3 fave gifts of all time...
1)Having my son born 3 months early, to come home after six weeks on Dec 14, 2003
2)After my first 29 years of being alive(hee hee) My Grandma just moved next door this month
3)My dad surprising our family with a trip to Florida this coming March.
Trace G

Rock'nmama said...

You have not blogged in what seems like forever :) I've been here lurking... :)

Yay!! I love Raks.

Rock'nmama said...

Oh I received a new camera lens. The best gift was having my family all happy and healthy :)

Anna Sigga said...

Merry Christmas - and your card is fabulous!

The best Christmas present I could ever ask for is my little girl who was born on October 26. She is actually my birthday present and Christmas present all in one - cause my b-day is on November 3.

Being able to spend Christmas with my man and little girl is just a dream come true!

Anna Sigga

Anonymous said...

miss alexis:)

i am foreve checking your blog to see if you have update! it's been too LONG:)
ps. i am on a massive scrapbudget, so any free stuff is appreciated:)

my bestest memory is the first Xmas i spent with the DH 17 year AGAO:) yikes

blogger wont let me sign in. BLEH!

Anonymous said...

miss alexis:)

i am foreve checking your blog to see if you have update! it's been too LONG:)
ps. i am on a massive scrapbudget, so any free stuff is appreciated:)

my bestest memory is the first Xmas i spent with the DH 17 year AGAO:) yikes

blogger wont let me sign in. BLEH!

Ari Macias from the NYC!

Anonymous said...

My best gift was a CH perfume! lol

Happy New Year!

LisaNRoxy said...

Happy Holidays!!
I got a new camera lens - so fun to play with and capture more memories of my family!!

Hope you have a very prosperous, peaceful and healthy 2008!

my lt kit was pretty awesome too :)

sillypea said...

Oh pick me! Pick me!

I have 2 christmas gifts to share... my new camera (yeah!) and the fact that my grinchy, non-gifting husband surprised me with it on Christmas Day (wow!)! It was a lovely Christmas despite being snowed in for the big day!

Thanks for all your inspiration and for being so kind to whomever is lucky enough to get this fabulous RAK!

Chrissy Le said...

YAY! Thanks for the fun RAK Alexis! Hope you are having an awesome holiday!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Christmas present would be the year my who family spent Christmas together. It was under sad circumstances with my grandmother dying but little did we know at the time that would the last time the whole family would be together let alone talking to each other.

ryandty2 said...

lovin the BEST Christmas present this year was being able to go to Christmas Eve Mass with my sister Lisa, my brother & his wife, & their 3 kids along with my 2 boys...this was an extremely HARD year... my sister Lisa's husband was diagnosed with gamma-delta t-cell lymphoma on 8/15/07, he passed on 11/8/07..they had no children only mine...all of the spoiling...none of the! I am in the process of a divorce...and it has been esp. hard on my children...Ry (10) & Ty (7) keeping my chin up and looking forward to 2008....wishing you only the best and THANKS for the inspiration on your BLOG! keep up the great work!

C70 said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Best non-scrapping Christmas present: an Omega watch from DH!!! That was something totally unexpected! ;)


Mia McScrappy said...

Hi Alexis! What a cool RAK! I would have to say that the best present this year was that my cousin, who is going through rehab, was allowed to join us for the day to celebrate Christmas with the family. He's been in since June and I haven't seen him since. We were mortal enemies in school when we were kids and are not as close as we should be so when I found out he would be spending the day with us I just broke down and cried coz I was just ecstatic and happy. It was the best gift I could have gotten.

Chrys said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!! Though I got wonderful gifts, but the best thing this holiday season was my husband's new job which enabled me to quit mine and be a full time mama again. :)

Kathryn Johnson said...

My best gift this year was a cool book of vintage Christmas images-given to me from my dad! You'd have to know my dad to get why that was so special, but it showed me that he really listens to me and is interested in my art. He took the time to find something special just for me! So really, the REAL gift was showing me how much he cares!

Morgan said...

Wow, there are a lot of comments and some pretty special gifts! My best gift ever... that's a hard one, I feel gifted every day. This year was especially nice having both my dad and inlaws along with our good friends here for Ari's first birthday yesterday. They all came from different states across the country just so they could be here for Ari's special day. Not Christmas but still pretty special!

Close To Home said...

My best present was (this is hard by the way) just having my family all together. 2 Grandparents' passed away within the past 2 years, and my other grandma was not doing so well last year, but this year, there she was, smiling and all in her glory with her great grandchildren..never mind the great food in the other room! Also, the more personal, tangible present that my husband bought me- scrapbooking paper he picked out by himself, well with the help of our 4 year old too.

scrapcat said...

merry christmas alexis!

my fave gift was an i-phone from DH!
my fave gift for Sofi was her trunk of princess dresses from her Aunt and Uncle :)

Anonymous said...

I got a cricut and an elliptical!

Heather S

amy lapi said...

hey girl! awesome layouts! happy new year!

Scrapbook With Vanilla said...

Hey :)
There are quite a few presents I am really grateful for!
But the most... well my cousin are always had a family Christmas together (both our mom's are single moms)... then he got married and my mom remarried... well time changed everything... He got divorced this year (not a happy event in the family), but because of this, we were all together for Christmas - just like when we were kids!! But this time, his 2 kids and my daughter were there to share this time together!! It was like going back in time and was the best :)

3QTGUYS said...

Oh, I got a docking station for my ipod!

Pretty fun!

sara b said...

I am a lurker and love your blog!! I got a sewing machine, as did my nine-year-old, and lessons for both of us to learn together. My sweet hubby :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

KimberleyRose said...

Beautiful layouts!!


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