Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Ahead

As much as I love gaining an hour of sunlight at the end of the day, I hate losing an hour of sleep! Luckily, Trey and Sarah had their Daddy Daughter breakfast at the diner today so I could get come extra uninterrupted sleep time.

Trey made his amazing homemade Alfredo with fresh Lump Crab sauce. Please remind me not to eat for a week. I'm sure I ingested enough calories to cover me for about 5 days. I picked up some great ingredients at the Super Stop and Shop and I'm kind of excited to cook a few meals, which is odd for me. But I'm going with it. Tomorrow we're having lasagna. Talk about loading up on carbs, lol. Thank goodness my husband doesn't mind the extra cushion ;)

That's another digi layout I did this weekend. I just love that I can do those while we all sit and watch a movie or hang out on the couch together. Sometimes I hate having to be secluded in my scrap room to get projects done. And now I don't have to!


Michelle said... glad I stumbled on your blog, your digi layout is gorgeous!! =) i'll be back here!

Scrappermania said...

Gorgeous Digital Lo!

Jill (aka jjstar) said...

cute layout! I agree with you about the beauty of digi.


Wowowowowow, is really beautiful!!!!!!!!!! yoo work in digi so cool!

Hannah said...

beautiful L.O......!!!

I still haven't given digi much of a chance.....i suppose if I had a laptop, it would be different...then I could do as you suggest, and create while watching tv...but, not an option here....!

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