Friday, April 18, 2008

But your major life decision is probably how high should I comb my hair today.

Round one has begun. Our house is officially on the market (sans photos and an official broker's lunch since it's not REALLY ready to be shown just yet) and we placed a bid on our favorite house. They countered and we're going to the house tomorrow to see it all up close and personal again. Right now it's a battle between buying something that will force us to curtail our spending so that Sarah can be in a great school district or buy in the same town we live in now for less but have to send her to private school eventually. I'm heavily leaning toward the house in the good town and spending less. I can do that, right??? LOL

Here's a digi layout I did last night while watching "Dead Silence". A pretty silly scary movie about dolls. The movie wasn't all that great but the layout turned out pretty cool ;) I've been itching to do a layout with all circles for over a month now so it was nice to finally get it done.

I actually hit the gym today while Sarah was in art class. Only did 2 miles but it was more movement than I've had all week. And now I think I'm coming down with the same cold AGAIN. Sore throat, headache, tired....UGH. I'm praying it's just a one day thing.

In Sarah news, the ice cream truck is now visiting our block nightly. Which means Sarah is in hog heaven. Last night, the truck came by and Sarah stood up by the front door, both hands out in front of her (palms up, fingers spread), face scrunched and said: "Mommy, you have to do this for me. Please, we need to get ice cream. You just have to do this for me." I swear sometimes I don't know whether to laugh at her for fear of making light of this "very serious situation". I mean, what could be more serious at three than missing the ice cream truck! :)



Alexisss, great digi!!! Love it!!!!
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