Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's your problem, aside from ya face?

Quote from one of my all time favorite movies - Vibes (circa 1988). My brother and I have spent the better part of our lives together quoting lines from this movie. Like one of my favorites "A woman. dead. where?" or "she calls you honeymuffin and I can't call you stretcharoo??" Seriously, if you have the time, rent it. It's hysterical. At least my wacked out mind thinks it is, lol!

So on to things scrap-happy:

Here are my layouts and projects from Label Tulip's April Kit. THE.BEST.KIT.YET. The colors, the embellies, the stamps. Heaven in a box. I got all the addons and I could have made another five or six layouts with what was left. And I still might. It's that good ;)

We're in the process of trying to sell our house and buy a new one. Oh what an ordeal that is! The market is terrible, but we're hoping to get into a really great neighborhood that we wouldn't be able to afford if the market were good. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we can sell ours. I love our little home, but I just despise the block we're on. Suffice to say, we're surrounded by nosy people who smoke around their children and deal illegal substances. And we're in a good neighborhood! Just picked the wrong block I guess. So, needless to say, I'm trying to hightail it out of here.

And in other good news, Trey just got a raise! WOO HOO!! We can all breathe a nice sigh of relief around here. The house of our dreams in actually in reach :)

Other than that, I'm still fat. Can't seem to stay on the diet with all this stress right now. But that's ok. Everyone who matters loves me no matter what. Especially those snickers.....such unconditional love :P

I"ll be back tomorrow to post a new digi layout. I was wondering if most of my readers scrap paper and if my digi layouts don't appeal to you. I hope this post makes up for all the digi posts lately, lol. I kind of got hooked and can't turn back. But I hope the layout design itself is inspiring in some way :)

Have a great night!


Carol Weimer said...

Gotta love that Pink Paislee paper. Hope you've posted these fabulous layout on their website. Thanks for the inspiration.

Bekka said...

Wow -- these LOs are GORGEOUS!!!!

Leena said...

Oh Alexis, I hope you'll get a good deal on your house! I'm sure you'll get a much better home and a better neighbours. :)

Anyway, you're really rocking the gallery!! In LT and 2 Peas!! Woohooo!! Simply stunning work Alexis! I LOVE all of your layouts!

Jill (aka jjstar) said...

Good luck with the house situation!

I love all of your work. Personally I'm hybrid too so everything appeals to me! Keep up the inspiring!

kat said...

You ROCK girl!! Love the new layouts.


Scrappermania said...

Todos tus trabajos son siempre espectaculares!!!!!!!! Amo la combinación tan perfecta que haces, muchas felicidades!

dannigirl said...

loved all your label tulip stuff.
we finally rented one of our homes.yeah! best of luck to ya girl,and hope you get on a better block. that really sucks about the one you are on now. lol to the "i'm still fat". i'm still fat too. lol
love your personality girlie.
btw-i am a paper girl {wanna be digi too} and i heart your digi los.keep'em coming.

Anonymous said...

I love your layouts!


Alexisssssssssssssssssssssssss, wowowowowowoowow!!! how many lo's!!! How do you can to do many and all beautiful????????? Love all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mariona said...

No conocía tu blog ni tus trabajos, y he descubierto que son geniales!!

Pearl said...

VERY inspiring projects from the kit !

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