Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I think therefore you is....

Lately, I've just been naming my posts with my favorite movie quotes. If anyone can get this one, I'll be totally surprised! My bro and I used to quote this one to each other all the time. Yup, we're total dorks....would you expect any less?

The scissors and pop dots have been flying around here. My DT layouts for Label Tulip are up and my CT layouts for Audrey Neal's SisTV kits (Iconic and Drama Queen) are done as well. It's been a fun month with all the great products I was given to create with. There really is nothing better than being on a great team. I can honestly say that every woman on my teams inspires me in some way. Truly a blessing :)

We're still showing the house and praying that it will sell fast. My poor baby is sick so it's really hard for her to be cool with the constant cleaning and keeping her toys put away while the buyers come to check out the house. It's been a hard week so far :( But this Friday is my birthday so I'm hoping things will look up by then. I'm really not sure what we're going to be doing....for some reason I don't feel like doing the NYC dance/bar scene. Have I finally gotten OLD?? Nah, just refined :P Give me a GOOD dinner + a GOOD movie + a GOOD bottle of red wine to share with my loved one + let me sleep in the next day and scrap = I'm a happy old biddy. LOL.

On the David vs. David front, I pick David. Man is it hard to choose between the two of them. But I think I'm leaning toward David Cook. Gotta love those bad boys!

So You Think You Can Dance starts on Thursday! It's my favorite show to watch and I pine for it all season. I can not wait to see what this season brings. I'm not sure if I'm going to record that show or the Grey's finale.....what a great night for vegging in front of the tube.


Mariona said...

Preciosas paginas!!
Congratulations for your work, from Barcelona, Spain.


wowowowoowowowowoww, I ove your work!!! Specially all lo's that you use a little tree and birdssssss, kissessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

Angie hearts said...

those are lovely!!

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