Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's my way or the long island expressway

I'm knee deep in paint to be exact. We're redoing Sarah's room to be somewhat pottery barn-esque without the huge pricetag. So that means a lot of store hopping, looking for deals. So far I found the Pottery Barn Kaitlyn quilt for half the price (new!!), matched the pb paint color at Home Depot, got the cutest floor lamp at Home Depot, an awesome wicker couch on HUGE sale at Pier 1, and really pretty gauzey (so just created that word) window panels and gorgeous crystal finials at Target. It's a long process but totally worth it as it comes together. Oh, and a great ledge shelf at Home Goods. That'll hold all of the cute prints I've scored off of Etsy for her....or me...I mean her ;) I also got this on sale at pb today:: (Yes, i could have made it, but for some reason, I'm not all that crafty when it comes to home decor....i'd rather buy it. Is that weird? )

Here's some of the gorgeous stuff I'm eyeing at Etsy these days::

so cute

this one I got from one of my fav artists. Check out her amazing abilities here.

this one I have as a few of her other prints for the family room as well. i just love that they are on vintage book paper! check 'em out here.

Plus, I got this from Lisa (how much I adore her work is indescribable. She's such a strong, colorful and inspiring person. Not to mention way talented. Her blog is a must visit if you haven't already. She just made the Chatterbox team, so HOOORAH chica! Thanks a mil for the "award"...luv ya!

So here are the rules:
(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.
(2) Link the person you received your award from.
(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
(4) Put links of those on yours.
(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated.

Here are my nominations::

1. Cathy Pascual :: Cathy rocks the paper, digi, and hybrid in amazing ways. Plus she has a daughter about the same age as mine, so I love checking in on how similar our lives are dealing with the drama of a three year old in the house!
2. Shaunte Wadley :: She already got this award, but I have to nominate her again, simply because the woman makes me bust out laughing pretty much everyday with her take on daily life.
3. Holly McCaig:: Gorgeous photography, amazing designs both digital and paper, and she's REAL people. Girl ain't afraid of speaking her mind from time to time. Gotta luv that ;)
4. Michelle:: Her artwork makes me smile :) Such awesome colorful goodness!!
5. Emily I could stare at this chic's artwork all day. She's one of a kind and totally adorable to boot. Click on the Martha Stewart link to watch her in action :)
6. Candice Carpenter This woman needs no introduction. She is just all around awesome!
7. Leena L - This woman comes up with the most amazing paper/embellishment combos. Love her style!


scrapcat said...

what a sweet surprise to see my name on your list!!!! thank you! You inspire me too, girl!

and your blog post title immediately caught my eye. Once upon a time you could see the back of the house where I grew up - driving along the LIE (around exit 50).

one day our girls should meet! Can you believe they will 4 soon!!!???

Michelle said...

Oooh...thanks for nominating me!! Ohmygoodness, I'm blushing...:) I love your blog to bits! And lovely Etsy finds, oh how I love that place!

Leena said...

Thanks so much for nominating me Alexis! This is truly an honor! You're always my inspiration! :)

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Katie Nicoll said...

Those are beautiful, especially the third one, which reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason. Anyway, how'd the room makeover go? It would be wonderful to see some before and after pics, especially of the furnishings you bought.