Saturday, August 30, 2008

Can't fight against the youth, 'cause we're strong. . . them are rude rude people

"Sarah, why do Darth Vadar and Luke have buckets on their heads?"
"Because they need them for winter. It's cold."

Labor Day weekend is heeeeere!!! We've got lots of little things do to around the house (like hang shelves and unpack some MORE boxes) and then we're off to Pennsylvania. We're packing up the car and taking the 3+ hour drive with another couple and thier 3 year old daughter to a great theme park called Dutch Wonderland. It caters completely to preschool kids so I'm sure the girls will LOVE it. We're spending the night at a nearby hotel with an indoor pool and then heading to the Hershey Chocolate Factory on tuesday (yummmmmmy) and then to the Crayola Factory on the way back to NY. Basically, we're planning on a couple days that the little ones will never forget :) We're all staying in one suite so when the kids fall asleep the adults can hang together and not have to worry about the kids needing to be watched in separate rooms. Because we need to have a little fun, too!

My new baby.....isn't she pretty!?! Can't wait to use her tonight :)

As for today, I need to do my dt requirements for Portrait Bug with all the loot we got at the last dt meeting. I"m excited to mess up my little scraproom with pretty scraps of paper and tiny little 3-d foam adhesive squares. Thank goodness I have my own room now. When I scrap, I have to have EVERYTHING out around me in a big messy circle. Then I sit in the middle and grab what I need. When you design for a store, you can only use the products they have in the actual store, so this method works great. I can have all their products around me and not even touch what's in my drawers. It makes the creative process somewhat easier I guess. I have WAY too much stuff to have to think about using all of it. I need limits :P

I was thinking of changing my blog format again. I realized that since I have this one set on wide format that some readers may have to scroll to see read the entries. That kind of sux and I'm sorry if you've had to do that! Maybe I'll play with some ideas on the long ride to Penn. I'd love to use a template since they have such cute ones out there now. But then again, i know digi too well to not do it myself. Unless of course I get lazy :P

This post is getting entirely too long, lol. I've got some new Sarah news to share, but I'll save that for the next post. Suffice to say, she's adorable, moody, and getting way too smart too fast! She really surprises me with how much she picks up. Yesterday she taught me about diving and built a lego diving board :) Her favorite movie is "the ring movie", which is Lord of the Rings. Blame that one on daddy. He has her watching Star Wars and LOTR. And she LOVES them. I'm not all that happy about it, but she actually understands what is going on and explains it to me. Plus it's adorable when she says "Souran is baaaaad" ;)


Jennifer Priest said...

Ooh sounds like a fun weekend. Love the darth pic. I personally like the wide format but I have a wide monitor. Have a great weekend!!

Christine said...

Dropping in to say "hello" :) Eric was a huge fan of LOTR's and Star Wars. I swear, if he were still with us, Ethan would of seen both by now at least twice. Laugh. Also, I know what you mean about "to much stuff". I have drawers of product sitting around me while working on scrapbook projects and it gets to be too much. I find myself spending more time looking at my collection than I do scrapbooking. It's enough to drive me insane, but I can't help it. I love stuff. Smile. Hope all is well! We'll be in contact soon!

milkcan said...

I'm totally jealous of your blue typewriter, Alexis!

wunderbug said...


i just found your blog through 'michelle - a little bit of colour' and wanted to let you know that:

a) you shouldn't ever underestimate the warmth potential of the bucket
b) i'm a big, big fan of the blue typewriter.. even just the picture. hella sexy stuff there.
c) i'm also a fan of your wide-format blog - i didn't know it caused problems with some people's browsers though. boo.

keep up the great work!

Lovely gd. Cee said...

where did you get your new baby? may i inquire?

Amy Teets said...

HaHa, love the buckets!

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