Thursday, September 4, 2008

Honey even if I were in jail, I wouldn't have that....situation

We're busy getting ready for Sarah's first day of preschool on Monday! She's been going to this same school with the same teacher for the past year and a half so it won't be such a big deal to her. But on Tuesday's and Thursday's she'll be going to a new preschool program as well. Since she misses the cutoff date by TWO DAYS, she'll always be the oldest in her class. And since the preschool class she qualifies for is for 3 year olds, I'm afraid she'll feel bored. When we went for the interview with her teacher, they said they'd be starting by teaching the children the letters in their names. Well, Sarah knows all her letters and the majority of the sounds that go with them. She can sound out very simple words and even write a handful of letters. (She's still stumped by the squiggly ones, lol) She's also adding single digits. So, I'm letting her stay in the class she's been in (which is where she learned the phonics in the first place) and then adding in the new preschool so she can make more friends and be in a more school-like environment with centers. If the four days is too much for her, we'll cut back. But I doubt it. Two hours a day seems to be perfect for her :)

In other news, the Portrait Bug blog is doing 7 days of giveaways, so head on over there and check out the goods! Plus, the online store preview is finally up. So cute. There's even a DT picks section where I get to list the products I like to use best. So if you were ever wondering what my scraproom is stocked with, keep tabs on that section, lol. You can be a supply hoarder too, just follow my lead :P

The card up there will be on the Portrait Bug blog soon with a tutorial on how to make the little cupcake liner "skirt". After seeing a bunch of people use the cupcake liners on SIStv, I knew I had to give it my own spin.

OOOoooo, plus Label Tulip is doing a DT call. They have the absolute B.E.S.T. kits around. And it is an absolute pleasure to work for them. NO drama, clear communication and only the best and latest products mixed in a way that'll make your creative juices overflow with mojo. You know I'm gonna try out again!! I simply MUST. Who's gonna join me!?!


metrochic said...

that card is SO adorable! i've been wanting to do the cupcake liner thing, too. this is a great take on it! thanks for stopping by my blog, btw. you can come watch movies with me any day! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing the link to Portrait Bug! Got them bookmarked now. =)



Hola Alexisssss, I like your card, is so Happy like meeee hehehe Many kisses for you and your family!

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