Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Smile, it enhances your face value.

Just a few photos from the road trip to Pennsylvania. I haven't played around with my ps actions in so long, so these were a blast to edit. Sometimes, I just love photos to look totally played with. They add that little amount of character and whimsy that I can't yet achieve on my own with the camera. I think my goal for 2009 is going to be to take a good photography course around here. Maybe I'll ask for that for xmas ;)

I love that swing ride soooo much. It's pretty much the closest you can get to flying, for me at least. I'll never, repeat, NEVER jump out of a plane or off a cliff unless my life depended on it. And even then, maybe not. I love the wind in my hair mixed with the slight fear that a chain will break loose and my little swing will fly hundreds of feet through the air towards my impending doom. :P

I just got my Label Tulip kit, which of course means I'm itching to create. Plus, our Potrait Bug meeting went great, as usual, so i've got some more goodies from the store to play with as well. Btw, the online store is up and running, which is a very dangerous thing for my wallet. I had to get the new Thickers and more of the Cosmo Cricket lines. LOVE those sooo much.

Plus, you won't believe what i got at Urban Outifitters on 50% sale. I got a bunch of stretch canvas prints from Creative Thursday, an awesome faux wood lamp base, and some great fall gear that I was in dire need of. Sarah got some Ugg boots - which I hate on me but look oh so cute on her. After we tried on about three different pairs of boots, she put on the Ugg's and said "ahh, these are the perfect ones!"

Plus, True Blood started this past weekend and it was AWEsome. I can't get enough of the whole vampire lore lately, so this is right up my alley. And having the main character be a strong willed, smart, respect-demanding chick with an affection for vamps is nothing short of perfection.


Jennifer Priest said...

Wow great pics!! Someday I'd love to get into using Photoshop Actions but I am still a novice...

Vee said...

i loved true blood too!! I can't wait to see the second episode!

Cathy said...

Your photos rock!!! So fun!

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