Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's turn on the juice and see what shakes loose...

I'm around and creating some stuff but I can't share any of it yet :( But my Dixie dog is in the September issue of Scrapbook Trends! It's my first published digi layout so that's kinda cool. I think everyone in the family has been a mag or idea book at this point. oooo, except my grandparents. Need to work on that one so they're not jealous or anything :P I kiiiiid, I kiiiiiiid.

I'm headed to Florida/Disney on Sunday so expect some radio silence from me next week. We'll be doing the "not so scary mickey's halloween" at night.....sooo stoked about that. Sarah is going as Batgirl. Can you tell she's her father's daugher? She wants me to be a princess and Trey to be a pirate. So off we go to the costume store tomorrow. Should be fun....i haven't worn pink in DECADES. At least I'll get another use out of the tiara from my wedding. What was that about?

As soon as portrait bug puts up my work I'll post it here, too. I can't wait to share what i did with their goodies. The store should be open soon!

I also need to confess to the diet gods. I ate a big mac today. and it was glorious while i ate it. but now that i think about it....ewwww. One every year can't kill you, right?

Quote of the Day: Beetlejuice