Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Con muchos besos, abrazos, y muchos bendiciones de Dios

ok, have you seen the latest Mohawk flooring commercial?? With the Rubix cube! I am so doing that with a bunch of pattern paper and a photo. asap. I think I'll be packing a cube in my luggage to Disney....dual purpose...entertainment on the plane AND a new palette to work some magic on. Be on the lookout for that in the near future ;)

The layout above has been a long time in the making. Not in the planning so much, but in the trepidation of actually completing it. The photo reminds me of my Awi (my toddler-speak way of saying 'abuelita' which stuck for two generations), who passed away a couple of years ago. It's not a photo of her, per se, but a photo that reminds me of her love for my daughter. She gave Sarah the little puppy toy in the photo. We still have it today. It's beaten up but I cherish it, as I always will. Awi used to rock Sarah to sleep, holding her for hours. You could tell that her arms were hurting and that it was hard for her to hold her for so long, but she wouldn't put her down. Not for anything. The bond they shared was beautiful. As was the bond I shared with her. She was "my Awi". And I miss her more than words could ever express. So this layout was very hard to get through. It needed to be soft and beautiful, like she was. It needed to be fun because she always loved to laugh and dance around with us. It needed to feel like some of my best work, because her memory is worth that, at the very least. And i think I achieved that for me. I just wish she could see it.

Ok, enough tears over here. On a lighter note, my girl Amy is having a very cool guest dt call for her digi designs. I design with her stuff so I can say first hand.....she does flippin' awesome designs. Clean, crisp, great colors and always some added element to fall in love with and want to use over and over again. Plus, only one month of commitment. How could you go wrong!!

On a side note, wth was up with those dresses on Project Runway? I"m off to watch rzoe project...hoping that will be much more inspiring. Plus, I'm still on the fence with her most of the time but I also want to slap her :P

Quote: Some of the last words my Awi wrote to Sarah - 2nd birthday card.


Kristi said...

totally love that :)

Kristi said...

p.s. yes, i liked rzoe!!!

Holly said...

A beautiful LO, and an even more beautiful story to go with it. Thanks for sharing, Alexis. :0)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

love this one Alexis. everything you wanted for the layout is so apparent..


Heyyy I'm surprised with tittle in spanishhhhhhhhh hehehe, and Lo is made with loveeee, I fascinated with it!!!! Kisses Alexis!

Amanda said...

Hi Alexis!
You should be VERY proud of that lo Alexis.. I absolutely LOVE it! And the way you did that flower is just BRILLIANT!

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