Friday, October 3, 2008

Dream Street DT Additions!!

Here are the wonderful and talented chicas we have chosen to add to the existing (and awesome) Dream Street team!

Michelle Lanning
Linda Harrison
Danielle Flanders
Nicole Stark
Sherry Wright
Wendy McKee

We wanted to add SOOO many more, so if you don't see your name up there, wait for the Guest DT list to come out. Twelve more amazing designers will be creating with our papers throughout the year and it could be you! I can't wait for that list to go up. I think I love it as much as I love the Design Team list :)

As an aside, why is it that I can't buy jeans for less than $200??? I tried, like FOR REAL, tried on at least twenty pairs ranging from $70 to $200. After much sweating and sucking in the old spare tire, the ones that fit me best were the most expensive. GRRR!! But my Colombian bootay looks like you could bounce a quarter off it. :P This time I went for True Religion jeans since they have the stretch I love and the most flattering fit on the extra 15 pounds I'm carrying around my middle...puke. I love my Sevens but they just seem to make my muffin top all that more muffin-y. SO not the looking I"m going for this fall.

I"m going to spend the weekend nursing this headache, packing, washing clothes, planning and packing some scrap supplies so I can do some Label Tulip layouts that are due when I get back.

OH!! And Sarah asked for a PRINCESS DOLL TODAY!! Of course, I bought it. She wanted Jasmine...GLITTER Jasmine at that. Perhaps she really is a girly girl after all!

Have a great friday night everyone!