Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You are an obsession, you're my obsession...

Yellowish gold shoes. One flat. One Pump. CHECK
Yellowish gold handbag.....still searching.....


Lana said...

cute feet! ;)
I am seriously considering LT now (primarily because it seems there's more bank for the buck) but I'll still look at the kits more closely. THanks for the link Alexis

Breanne Crawford said...

omg. those flats make me drool.

wunderbug said...

awesome! i just posted a post on yellow accessories, too... it seems to be contagious.

love the heels. just bought a yellow pashmina that they'd go great with yesterday. :)

Keka said...

I completely understand the obsession. Beautiful color. Beautiful shoes.

Benga said...

awww lovely shoes! I love shoes!!!
like the first one the most :)

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