Friday, September 19, 2008

You're going to be bad for business, I can tell.

I have my windows open right now and I'm actually a little chilly. I needed the covers pulled up to my face this morning with the cool breeze coming in my bedroom window. My 'way too long' hair is down and I'm not sweating. Basically, IT'S FALL WEATHER and I'm ECSTATIC!!!

The layout above is the first digi I've done in a long time. I'd say at least two months or more. It was great to flex those skills again. I forgot who wonderful it is to manipulate every one of your elements to be exactly the size you need. Thickers just can't do that :P Everything is from Audrey Neal's new Bohemian Autumn kit at We Are Storytellers. I found some pics of Sarah in the pumpkin patch from last year that I didn't scrap. I love how things work out like that. I would never have scrapped them if it weren't for this kit coming out before we visited the pumpkin patch this year. I always scrap my new photos first and some great ones inevitably get lost in the the shuffle.

I've got some great design team news. Dream Street is having a design team call!!! I'm dying to have some great designers on the team who can work a layout with that special something that makes you just want to stare at the layout all day. Lucky us that we have found some wonderful women already and only need to add 4 new members to the team. But we'll also be adding 12 guest designers! So seriously, that's some really good odds of getting a spot. Plus, we literally have 'something for everyone'. Each of our lines are so different so you're bound to find something you can't wait to design with. And Tara.....she is a rock for all of us AND she just basically rocks in general. I'd try out if I didn't already get all the paper :P
I can't wait to see all of your entries!!

Plus, Label Tulip's design team call ends tomorrow I think, so get you're stuff in quick chicas! That kit BEYOND rocks my world. Best kit out there in my humble opinion :D

Quote of the Day: Moulin Rouge


happydays525 said...

Fall is by far my favorite time of year, I'm not a city girl, but can imagine that it must be lovely in New York too! Love the layout...I can't even tell that it's digital!

Annel said...

Ohhhh! your works are really beautiful, I love the way you work, I have little more than two months making scrap and I'm in love with this art. I add my favorites to visit.

forgive my English'm not good


wowowow, I don't know what to tell you hehehe because all lo's are so beautiful!!!!!!!!! Really I love your work!!! You speak spanish so good!!! :-)

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