Friday, October 24, 2008

Clearly. Respectively.

We just went to the most awesome pumpkin walk at the Nassau Art Museum. 3,000 hand carved pumkins displayed throughout the gorgeous grounds....spooky music....delicious fall music for the kiddos. PERFECTION! It was so much fun. Just another of the reasons why I love being a mother. I can live see the beauty of life through my daughter's eyes. Cliche but so so true.

We also got Ghosted last night! Basically, someone comes to your door with a bag of treats and a picture of a ghost. They ring the doorbell and run before you answer. Then it's your job to 1. eat all the candy you got. 2. Hang up the picture of the ghost on your front door to protect your home from ghosts and gouls (and so you don't get ghosted twice) 3. Ghost three other houses withing 48 hours under cover of darkness. We're headed out tomorrow night to return the favor to a friend's house and then two other random houses around our block. I just LOVE this town!!

The photos above are off Sarah and her best friend, Lexi (short for Alexis...too funny). They run to each other, yelling each other's names and collapse into a huge hug. It's like watching a black and white love story. I just hope they stay friends for a long, long time. I'm so happy she has such a close friends, especially since she is an only child.

I'm planning on scrapping with some Crate Paper goodies this weekend so I'll post those soon :D

ETA:: Seriously!! 3,00o pumpkins! It was amazing :D


Melonie said...

3000 pumpkins? That must have been way cool. Love the pics of the girls. Super cute!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

3000?? is that a typo? wow...

metrochic said...

okay, first, i wish we lived near each other because that sounds FUN! i TOTALLY know what you mean about the friends thing because my girl is an only child, too. also, i just learned about "ghosting" or "booing" a couple of years ago and we love doing it now. FUN!

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