Monday, October 27, 2008

There's an eye in me soup.

Along with Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride is another one of my favorite Halloween movies. Heck, I watch them all year long. Tim Burton has a direct line to my morbid artsy fartsy heart. And it doesn't hurt that he often uses Johnny Depp in most of his films ;)

I did that layout above for Portrait Bug last month and I totally forgot to post it. oops. Since the layout was about the Empire State Building, I went with a grid look to mimic what the streets looked like from all the way up there. Very graphic for me, but I love I think I love it just the same.

Last night we packaged all the candy treat bags for Sarah's three halloween parties this week. And I didn't eat even one piece. That might be because my eating habits yesterday were slightly less than stellar. In a nutshell, I ate a donut for breakfast, butter cookies for lunch, a full pasta meal with homemade sauce (which means I ate too much of it), apple pie AND a brownie. It was a banner health day at the Hardy home :P

We're off to Sephora now to pick up a couple of these. I leave you with some photos from the pumpkin patch this weekend. Outtie ;)

Quote of the day: Corpse Bride - must see halloween movie!!