Friday, October 31, 2008

It's just a jump to the left.....and then a step to the riiiiiight

Happy Halloween!!! I just doing a quick post since we've got a little get together at the house and I've got a couple things left to do!

In shopping news, I just got my new Balenciaga purse in the mail and I AM IN LOVE. I could just stare at it all day :P

In diet news, I'm still fat. Damn the fall holidays and my need for homemade treats!

In Sarah news, she has THREE costumes this year. A Pirate, Batgirl and Ratatiolle. Photos to come. Plus, we've learned that she is tiny. Like in the 10th percentile tiny. LOVE. Since I'm only 5'2" it's kind of expected and I love the fact that she looks the youngest in the class, even though she's the oldest, lol!

In house news, I want to do about a 5 grand worth of improvements. But we can't afford it right now. BOO.

Have a great Halloween everyone!!!


~Sasha Farina~ said...

and picture of the said purse? :D

Cindee said...

I know~!!!! Where's the picture?

dannigirl said...

you are too fun girlie.
i wanna see the bolsa too.

Amanda said...

*gasp*.. it's the MS Chandelier!! I SOOOO wanted that.. so funky halloween cool! Your table looks fab! Can't wait to see little Sarah in here costume(s). hee hee!

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