Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's amazing the clarity that comes with psychotic jealousy.


I am busssssy. And I love to be busy, but this is a little much. In a nutshell, tomorrow is my mother's birthday dinner party, Dixie is getting spayed on Friday, I need to finish up three assignments this weekend (totally happy about being swamped in that area!), I'm hosting Thanksgiving/housewarming this year so I've got to get a menu down for 10, the following week is Sarah's 4th birthday so I also have to plan the family party at our house and then her kid party the following Sunday, which will be Gingerbread themed! And somewhere in there I have two Welcoming Club nights - book club and gourmet night. Sheesh. I need two or three more of me. And a couple thousand dollars would help, too. thanks :P

Oh wait, and Twilight is coming out on the 21st so I either need to drive to couple hours and meet my girl Tracey so we can watch it together becase she won't fly her butt up here (I hope you're reading this!!) or just go local. Either way, I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

I got my hair cut today, finally. It was getting way to heavy to even handle. We're talking at least an hour to blow dry. And that's not even completely dry. Julie (my hair bff) thinned it out with lots of chunky layers that look awesome straightened. And she actually made the bangs that I'm trying to grow out look cool. Love her. I think I've sent at least three of my friends to her. She's the absolute B.E.S.T. I should take a photo. perhaps perhaps.

So, on the scrapping front, here is a mini album I did for Crate Paper using the Lemon Grass line (which I LOOOOOVE). And then some sneaks of the great Label Tulip kit for November. I had a blast with this one. Especially the holiday banner kit!!! It's their first kit ever and it rocks. for real.

Tonight I'm going to nurse some serious pms and drown myself in some great music and/or literature. BTW, how gorgeous is this woman??? Seriously, just wow. I have to keep reminding myself that it's her JOB to look that good. And it's my JOB to make cupcakes for Sarah's bday party and test then test them out :P

Quote of the Day: My Best Friend's Wedding


~Sasha Farina~ said...

awesomeness - just the right word Alexis.

Amanda said...

lol... "your job to make cupcakes!".. hee hee!! I hadn't heard (or seen) that song yet.. might I say, whoa.. that's hott!! :)
Such a cute mini album, and your sneaks for LT are soooo juicy!! Just can't wait!! And yes.. we need a pic of the new do pls! :)

Jingle said...

This is a beautiful album! Great job!

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

You always amaze me!! Love the mini album and always adore your work at LT. Did you see Beyonce wants to play Wonder Woman - I think she would be fabulous!!

lauren said...

Great mini! It is ADORABLE!

And you are right - I have to remind myself that it's her JOB too! :)

Aimee said...

sounds wonderful... i can't wait for twilight... i even got my crazy husband to read the books and now he's hooked so we're going to the premier! new projects are LOVELY!

Breanne Crawford said...

you have to test them out. what if theyre poisoned!?!

Katie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the little book you did for Crate!!! If only I had a little bit of your talent! lol

Leslie Ashe said...

Your layouts are FABULOUS!
AND totally adorable Crate book!
Droolworty - inspiration galore too!! :D

I love your quote...too cute.

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