Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Best of 2008 According to Me - Part One

So here are my favorite things of 2008! A little bit of everything from my crazy world to yours :D ENJOY!!

Best Debut Album and all around hottie: David Cook, hands down.

Favorite Purchase of the Year: Finally, the home of my dreams :D

Favorite Etsy Artist of 2008: Lisa Evans

Fragrance that Makes Me Feel LIke I'm a Hottie again: Deisel Fuel For Life

Fav Makeup (Never have I gotten so many compliments on my skin!): bareMinerals

Favorite Mac Function: Making Your Mac Say Anything You Want, lol. And I mean anything. Open Terminal and type- say hello. Type say and anything else you like. You can chance voices and add a key stroke so you can highlight bascially any text and have your mac speak it back to you in System Preference>Speech. Tons of fun to annoy people around you ;)

Best TV Character: Lafayette from True Blood. Oh my effing hell.. LOVE.

Most Awesome Search Engine: Search Me. Forget list view. This search engine lets you flip through each website. A must for any mac lover. It's got the ease of Itunes album view for the Web.

Coolest Site for Checking out Children's Books on the Web: Lookybook

Favorite Gizmo of the Year: Itouch and all my new apps.

Favorite Itouch Apps: Grocery IQ, Word Up!, TwitterFon, KidsCards, Labrynth

Clothing Store with the best fashions this year: Anthropologie. Amazing fabrics and classic design with a touch of the vintage kitch I crave.

Most awesome piece of furniture I'm not allowed to own: Mackenzie Child's tree bed.

Best Meltdown and Comeback: Britney Spears. The girl has a ways to go still, but talk about a round trip to hell and back. Here's hoping she working on her mental health as much as she is her body. Because damn, she looks GOOD!

Best Foreign Film: Let the Right One In. If you love coming-of-age flicks, this one's got an awesome bite ;)

Favorite Hair Product: Fekkai Salon Glaze Clear Shine Rinse. Makes my hair like silk. No grease. And I barely need to flat iron...I KNOW!!

Best Kid's Toy: Leapfrog Tag Reading System
Most Enthralling, Addicting Books...pretty much EVER: Twilight Series

Best Mindless TV Show: Tie - Rachel Zoe Project/True Blood/Intervention

Favorite Scrapbook Tool: Basic Grey Magnetic Mat. I can not scrap without it. I no longer fear leaving a layout out overnight that hasn't been glued down. It even stands up to Sarah and Dixie :)
Favorite Movie of the Year: Iron Man. I could stare at Robert Downey Jr. in a body suit allll day loooong.

Favorite Fashion Trend: The Summer Scarf. Which I wore all year!

Part Two is on its way!!


Anabelle said...

What a fun post! I love Bare Minerals and Robert Downey Jr., too!!!

Breanne Crawford said...

love the list! esp the david. yum.

mom2christopher said...

What a fun list! What is it about the Twilight series that's so darned irresistable?!?! I just finished the four books and there were some nights I stayed up well past midnight because I couldn't put the book down! Now that I'm done...I'm sad and I want more, so I started from book one again! :) Kathy

Tracy said...

Fun list - Happy New Year!

Char said...

You tastes are very similar to mine....I have everything MAC makes...yes I know....a bizillion dollars!!! and I love david cook, twilioght series etc....Just finished the last book yesterday :-(. do you know if there will be more?

Staci said...

Love reading your favs! I'm so with you about lafeyette - he is an awesome character and True Blood is my new favorite show... can't wait for it to come back on!!

metrochic said...

you HAVE to tell me more about the hair stuffs. i am dying for new products that let me leave the house without putting it in a lunch lady bun. eww. love the list. can't wait for the rest!

Sasha said...

I think I might have to order bare minerals, I never ever wear make that has to be coated on my skin, LOL .. I only only do my eyes if that , and that is only out of uniform, so girl I think I might have to try the bare minerals now .. lol ..

love love the post and i have to agree with 99% of it hee hee

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