Monday, December 29, 2008

Best of 2008 According to me PART TWO

Five Favorite layouts of the year (I's hard to narrow it many have such personal meaning to me!)

Five Favorite Photos of the Year: Of course they're all of Sarah...nothing makes a photo more special than having the love of your life in them!

Favorite Songs of the Year:

Favorite Movie of the Year (revised!!): The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Because of it's profound emotional resonance and it's visually stunning scenes, this is a movie I know I will love for years to come.

Favorite Male Eye Candy of the Year: Robert Downey Jr. Yum. Yum. Double Yum.

Favorite Place to chat online: Label Tulip

Best Kit Club: Label Tulip Kit Club. Cindee and Cathy create such utterly inspiring kits every month. The mix of the papers, colors, embellishments and unique finds make their kits the best out there! And to top it off, the community is totally sweet and supportive. You can't get better than that :)

There just might be a Part Three if I can get to it before Wednesday! We're hosting the eve's festivities so we'll see just how much "me" time I can squeeze in before that, lol. Does it ever end?? I hope not :D


Petra said...

congratulations ... I love your work!

happy new year!

metrochic said...

am i missing it or is the fave songs bit missing? i can't wait to see the pitt flick.

Char said...

I simply love your style on all of your layouts lol!! Can't wait to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" have a great New Year!!

celine navarro said...

I'm in TRUE AWE with your work :-O honestly, these are STUNNING. I hope I'll get to meet you again at CHA this year! :)

HAPPY 2009 for you! :)


Anonymous said...

oh wow i don't think i could pick just 5 faves of your gallery, your stuff is awesome!!

scrappermimi said...

What a fun blog post! Thanks for sharing!

Nessa said...

TFS all the layouts are just so so so beautiful

happy New Year to you

Leslie Ashe said...

LOVED this Alexis! Thanks for posting! :D I took your challenge and did this too -- :D

Just wanted to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!


Leslie Ashe said...

Your work is BEAUTIFUL~!!!!

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